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At DakaGroup, we are proud to offer a range of innovative thermal insulation products that are designed to deliver exceptional performance and energy efficiency.

Daka EPS

DakaTherm EPS is a strong, reliable, and long-lasting white cellular foam used for insulation in the construction industry. It effectively reduces heat flow, making buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter, providing comfort for occupants.

Daka XPS

DakaTherm XPS boards are designed with rebated (L cut) or tongued-and-grooved (D cut) edges, making installation easier. While single-layer application is common, using a double-layer is recommended for boards with square edges (L) to prevent thermal bridges at joints. These boards are ideal for fitting thermal insulation on inverted flat roofs.

Daka Fiberglass Mesh

DakaTherm Fiberglass Mesh is a versatile material widely used in construction to reinforce cement, plaster, and other building materials. Made from woven strands of thin fiberglass, it forms a flexible and strong fabric. This fiberglass mesh has been treated to resist alkalis, making it ideal for various applications.

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